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Lock Snapping - The Problem

Burglars have discovered what the locksmith and hardware industry have known for years. It doesn't matter how many hook or dead bolts you have on your door, the weak point is the cylinder lock.

The following video illustrates the problem with euro cylinder locks. This documentary was first published before the introduction of the new British Kitemark TS007 3 Star accreditation and Sold Secure Diamond Standards that test a euro cylinders resistance against snapping attacks. The ABS lock was specifically developed with West Yorkshire Police Architectural Liaison officers to address the vulnerability with euro cylinder locks.

Due to inherent weakpoints in the door cylinder lock, having little material to give robust strength and the screw fixing enhancing this weakness, using simple tools, a burglar can "snap" the cylinder and gain access to the door mechanism and open the door - in seconds!

The vast majority of doors in the UK & Ireland could have these vulnerable locks.

Many lock manufacturers have introduced locks with anti-snap features but most of these do not actually work against lock snapping attacks.

New standards for euro cylinders have now been developed to test them against the most common known methods of attack. The new British Kitemark TS007 3 Star rating and Sold Secure Diamond grades mean that the cylinder has effectively passed snapping and forced entry tests.

The ABS snap secure euro cylinder has Unique Patented Snap Secure Technology that blocks out intruders making it the ultimate door security upgrade.

The vast majority of doors in the UK & Ireland could have these vulnerable locks.

Many lock manufacturers have introduced locks with anti-snap features but most of these do not actually work against lock snapping attacks.

The ABS snap secure cylinder is the only lock on the market that has met the 3 star requirement of the TS007 British Kitemark and has a Sold Secure Diamond rating.

ABS has layered protection which is proven to effectively combat against lock snapping attacks.

1. Break-Off Front!

A front sacrificial section which will break off if attacked. The lock will still be operable with the key on the remaining part of the cylinder.

2. Snap Secure Technology!

ABS takes lock security to another level with it's patented system that locks the cam into position if the second portion of the ABS lock has been snapped.

3. A Total Barrier!

If sections one and two are removed in an attack the patented locking cam and blocking mechanism will provide a total barrier against entry.

The ABS lock will still be operable from the inside of the property allowing the property owner to securely open and close from within.

ABS is a retro-fit solution to lock snapping, this means you can simply replace your existing vulnerable euro cylinder barrels without any other modifications to your doors. Have a look at the video guide here.

ABS features a Patented proven cam blocking mechanism that combats against lock snapping attacks. ABS snaps when attacked but ensures that it provides a barrier to entry. No other lock on the market provides this level of protection.Most importantly an ABS lock can be installed in a door in minutes as it has been specially designed to ensure that no other modifications are required.

Some locks require the help of a strengthened collar or cylinder guard - whilst these measures may help they do not provide the proven security levels of an ABS snap secure euro cylinder. And importantly many of these require extra material to be removed from the door for installation - this means that the door strength can actually be compromised!

Please note that locks that comply with British Kitemark TS007 "One Star" rating have not passed the snapping tests included in the 3 Star accreditation. One Star rated locks need a Two star rated security handle or cylinder guard (at additional cost and often further door modifications) to be classed as a true anti-snap solution.

Anti-snap lines alone do not secure. They don't always snap at the desired location to provide the protection required - there is a reason why the majority of these locks require additional cylinder guards and security handles. The ABS snap secure lock has reached the highest standards on the market and can be installed without extra security back up.

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